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Hong, which embodies the
meaning of grandness

Established in 1996, Hong Works has been dedicating its brand to a grand ideal, which is to create Chinese beauty that can pass through time.

Everything will eventually disappear by the loss of time; however, the beauty of human beings is to create the masterpiece that can be passed on over generations. For instance, the bronze ware of Shang Dynasty (around 1600BC- 256BC), the jade ware of Qin Dynasty (221BC-206BC) and Han Dynasty (202BC-220), the grotto of Wei and Jin Dynasties (220-420), three-color glazed pottery of Tang and Sui Dynasties (581-907), the porcelain ware of Song and Yuan Dynasties (960-1368), and the purple clay ware and red sandalwood furniture of Ming and Qing Dynasties (1368-1644). Descendants are able to appreciate all of these treasures, which are epitomized by the ancient wisdom and outstanding craftsmanship. Some of the collections from Hong Works have been collected by the famous museum, and the secret is the idea of “the craftsmanship of yesterday + the civilization of today = the cultural relic of tomorrow”. With this idea, Hong Works aims to create unique and magnificent Chinese beauty through past, present and future.


(In 2003, Hong Works' team of jade carving from Yangzhou made the replica of Emperor Qianlong's Padauk Throne with Carved Jade and Enamel Inlaid)

Chinese traditional craftsmanship has a long history and many categories. Ever since its establishment, Hong Works has always been studying with the heart of a craftsman on the traditional craftsmanship and developing its own unique craft by adding some new exquisite craftwork into the old. The collection from Hong Works has been well known as the national level in the fields of arts and crafts. Mr. Huang Donghua, founder of Hong Works, is very familiar with Chinese ancient civilization. He has cooperated multiple times with the Palace Museum (Beijing and Taipei) as well as masters of national level to reproduce and improve the lost or dying Chinese traditional craftsmanship, including enamel glaze on purple clay ware, which has been lost for more than 200 years, inlaying jade on a trenched surface according to its outline (the inlaid jade and the surface look like on the same level) , the royal tea ceremony of Emperor Qianlong(1736-1796) , which has been sealed in the Palace Museum in Taipei for around 2 centuries, the dying craftsmanship of bamboo filament inlaid and inlaying jade on purple clay ware. In addition, Hong Works created the new craftsmanship of inlaying carved bamboo chip on purple clay ware, inlaying carved rosewood chip on purple clay ware and etc.

(Emperor Qianlong's Padauk Throne with Carved Jade and Enamel Inlaid)
With its outstanding, traditional craftsmanship, Hong Works has been invited multiple times to participate in the projects of national level. For instance, the restoration of Juanqinzhai in the Palace Museum, reproduction of selected porcelain ware of the Palace Museum, customized furniture for Xijiao State Guest Hotel. Among them, Hong Works successfully made the replica of Emperor Qianlong's Padauk Throne with Carved Jade and Enamel Inlaid, by cooperating with the Palace Museum in 2002. The work displays a good command of top craftsmanship of jade carving, enamel glaze and red rosewood furniture making. The original piece, which is worth around 100 million yuan, was then kept in the basement of the Palace Museum as a cultural relic of national level I. The throne was collected by several big collectors in China.
(A Series of High Quality Replica of Pocelain Ware in Honor of the 80th Anniversary of the Establishment of the Palace Museum)


The cultural innovation based on contemporary Chinese humanity has always been an exclusive feature of Hong Works.

As for “state affairs”, Hong Works has created several souvenirs for international conferences and games, such as the Magnolia-shaped Teapot for APEC Meeting in Shanghai, Bird’s Nest-shaped Teapot and Water Cube-shaped Teapot for the Olympics in Beijing, and Bronze Ware-shaped Teapot Meng Ji Xu for the conference of ICOM (the International Council of Museums). With its abundant cultural connotation, the souvenir has gained good comments from the experts in this field and distinguished guests.

As for “housework”, originated from Emperor Qianlong’s padauk throne with jade inlaid, the rosewood armchairs with carved jade inlaid in pattern of 12 Zodiac animals, the Fangsheng Furniture with bamboo filament and carved jade inlaid and other creative furniture, have initiated the high-end neo-Chinese style furniture originated from the imperial family. Therefore, Hong Works has made the contemporary Chinese humanity into its creative works that can be passed on over generations.

  • (Rosewood Armchairs with Carved Jade Inlaid in Pattern of 12 Zodiac Animals)
  • (Long Narrow Table - Fang Sheng Furniture Series)
  • (Flower Pedestal-Fang Sheng Furniture Series)

Passing on over generations

Aiming at “the cultural relic of tomorrow”, Hong Works has gained much appreciation from multiple top museums. With the cooperation with Lv Yaocheng, National Master of Arts & Crafts, the Grand Dragon Teapot with the carving of emperors’ seals made in modern times that was collected by the Palace Museum. The magnolia-shaped teapot, designed for the APEC meeting, was added to the collection of the Palace Museum. This was the very first porcelain ware made in modern times that was added to its collection. Originated from Emperor Qianlong’s padauk throne with jade inlaid, the complete set of rosewood armchairs with carved jade inlaid in pattern of 12 Zodiac animals, was added to the collection of the Palace Museum. The bird’s nest-shaped teapot and water cube-shaped teapot designed and made for the Olympics in Beijing were added to the collection of the Olympic Museum in Lausanne Switzerland. The purple clay teapots made by Hong Works have always been elected as the 1st prize of “China Top 10 Teapots competition”, and gained the reputation of Teapot King. Therefore, Hong Works has achieved great honor in the field of collection.

With the traditional craftsmanship, Hong Works has created a unique aesthetics of Chinese style based on the theme of the time, aiming to pass on value over generations. As Mr. Huang Donghua, founder of Hong Works said in the media interview, “Time is our biggest competitor and best friend as well.”